Henry M. Holden

Henry M. Holden is an aviation historian and author. In 1994, Mr. Holden was cited in the Congressional Record for his work in recording the history of American women in aviation, and was the recipient of the Author’s Award from the New Jersey Institute of Technology for his book Her Mentor Was An Albatross – The Autobiography of Pioneer Pilot Harriet Quimby. In 1996, he launched the Women in Aviation Resource Center, an online repository of educational, historical, and networking resources for women interested in all aspects of aviation. In 2010 Henry was awarded the New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award. He is the author of over 1,000 magazine and newspaper articles appearing in national magazines such as Private Pilot, Plane & Pilot, Airport Journals, Skylite, World Airnews, US Air, InFlight-USA, American Aviation Historical Society’s Journal, Pleasure Boating, Women in Aviation, Warman’s Today’s Collector Woman Pilot, Airport Press, Aviation History, Vintage Airplane, Warbirds, Sport Aviation, Upscale Living Magazine; and The Beacon. In September 2015, Henry was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame of New Jersey

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He has published 43 books, and is the founder of the DC-3/Dakota Association. Henry is a member of the Aviation Hall of Fame (New Jersey), Women in Aviation International, AOPA, and EAA. Mr. Holden speaks at various events around the country and is available as a guest lecturer. His work has been the subject of a number of radio and cable television shows including the History Channel. Henry is a former News Editor East for Airport Journals and was a monthly contributor.

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